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Welcome to Pro Track Mastering

If you’ve ordered in the past we appreciate your return, we’re glad that you love our mastering. New customer? You’ll feel the power of our mastering service.

At this point there isn’t much from you that we need except the music. Oh, one thing: Did we say thanks? Thanks for your order, it means a lot to us, we try to provide premium mastering service for a very affordable price.


Please follow us on Facebook & Twitter for updates, news and promotional discounts.


Submit your music

  • Please send your music here:
  • Include your reference music (1-5 songs please)
  • WeTransfer allows you to send a note, in the note include your Order Number, Artist Name, Label Name (Optional), Music Genre and your mastering goals.


Why WeTransfer? It’s a great company and you’ll love it because they send you an email once we download your file(s), we also get alerted if you download the file(s) we send.


That’s all for now. If you have questions please send an email to



Pro Track Mastering