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Finally Free Mastering is back, only here at Pro Track Mastering. Read the entire page to learn the new requirements and what has changed.


Free Mastering

Send us your unmastered music and we’ll master it for free just like a paid order.

We’ll send a decent sample of the mastering work and you’ll decide to take it or leave it.

If you like what you hear, just place an order and you will get the full master file.

Unmastered File Requirements / Info

  • 24 bit .wav or .aiff 44,100 Hz (or better)
  • No clipping please, no peaks above 0dB
  • Send a file with headroom (preferably of -3dB or -6dB)
  • Only one song per artist is accepted.
  • Stereo Mastering is applied.

If you send a wrong free mastering order, this order will be automatically deleted, you won’t be contacted. Only 1 song is accepted per artist, if you send more music after you received 1 sample, this new music will be automatically discarded, DO NOT SEND FROM DIFFERENT EMAILS. We receive hundreds of free mastering orders a week, thanks for understanding.



  • Don’t use compressors, limiters and more in the master channel. Use them normally in your instruments, other channels.
  • Mix your music very well (Mastering doesn’t make mixing miracles)
  • Spend good time on your unmastered track (A great unmastered results in a stunning master)
  • Get HQ gear to record your music, avoid cheap cables that add noise.
  • Make sure you type your email correctly otherwise you’ll miss the delivery.
  • Make sure your unmastered file doesn’t have distortion, mastering can’t fix this.


Many people want their master to sound as a reference worldwide hit. Check this out first.


How to Send your Free Mastering Order

Please send 1 WAVE or AIFF file via:

In the note box write your mastering expectations, a reference song title (that can be searched on Apple Music or Spotify when mastering your music). Add any other comment here. WeTransfer notifies you when we download your music and we are notified when you download the sample.


Free Mastering Service Turnaround Time

1-3 business days


Confused? Need help?

If something isn’t clear about our free mastering service, please contact us.