The New Traktor Kontrol S4 - Pro Track Mastering
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The New Traktor Kontrol S4

Many DJs waited years for this new version of the famous controller. The German company finally released an incredible machine. Find out more about this new product on this page.

The new Traktor Kontrol S4 by Native Instruments (2018)

Back in 2000 when the Traktor software came out to the world, it truly revolutionized the industry of DJing. Traktor has been the real competitor for Pioneer and other DJing companies worldwide. 

Traktor DJ Software in 2000

It’s great to know about the history of Traktor before talking about the new DJ Software version and the new product Kontrol S4. The company behind the hardware and software is Native Instruments, a very interesting German company with headquarters in Berlin but currently with offices also in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris & Shenzhen. Native Instruments was founded in 1996 by Stephan Schmitt and Volker Hinz. These two engineers invented “Generator”, a digital synth which later evolved to “Reaktor.”

In 2000, the company launched its first product targeted to the DJ community: Traktor. After this, in 2002 the famous Kontakt and Battery by Native Instruments were released.

Traktor DJ Software in 2005

Traktor Scratch Pro: The Real Deal

After years of Traktor’s continuing success, Native Instruments finally released a version for professional DJs which would change everything for DJs until this day. Traktor Scratch Pro was released in 2008, ten years ago.

Native Instrument’s Traktor DJ Pro in 2008

Traktor Pro S4 + The First Traktor S4

In 2010, Native Instrument releases the updated DJ software for its brand new controller called “Traktor S4” This new update includes sample decks, a new design and more features. 

The next year, in 2011. The company releases Traktor Pro 2, this major version was used until a few months ago. In October 2018, Native Instruments releases Traktor 3.0.0 for the brand new Traktor Kontrol S4.

The latest Stems feature in Traktor Pro 2.10

That’s the summary about Traktor DJ software, now it’s time to talk about the brand new gear by Native Instruments.

The Brand New Traktor S4

In stores since September 2018, the new gear by Native Instruments is something really impressive. After many years of hearing what was needed to be improved in the S4 from customers, the German company didn’t disappoint with the latest S4. 

The New Traktor S4

Among the great things the old one already had, the new updated gear has these incredible features or updates:

  • Haptic Drive™
  • Luxurious responsive buttons
  • 8 sensitive pads on each deck
  • Durable carbon-protect fader
  • Brand new mixer FX
  • On-board 24-bit -> 96-kHz audio interface
  • LED deck visuals: RGB light
  • Waveform, loop, key, and BPM information display on each deck
  • Turntable mode
The New Traktor S4 Display

What is Haptic Drive in the new Traktor S4?

Haptic Drive™ the new feature by Native Instruments is a technology based in touch feeling. They have added motorized jog wheels to this new piece of equipment to receive haptic feedback according to what you’re intending to do with the jog wheel.

The new Haptic Drive™ technology in the new Traktor S4

With this amazing feature, feeling loop and cue points is way easier. You don’t even have to watch the screen, now you can spend more time watching the crowd while you feel the saved cue/loop points. The feedback works like a click according to the company.

Two color visualization

Now you can select which channel your deck plays with physical buttons, each channel has a different color: blue or yellow. Channels A and C for the left deck and channels B and D for the right one.

Blue and yellow are the colors to differentiate each channel 

The new mixer FX

This is something Pioneer products have and Traktor users were asking for many years. Finally, in the new Traktor S4 you can find mixer FX knobs that are crucial in a perfect mix.

The new Mixer FX added in the latest Traktor S4

Samples in the new Traktor S4

These years, samples have overtaken the world of DJing, it doesn’t matter which genre of music you’re DJing, samples are a must. Native Instruments really felt the need of adding an advanced samples feature, and oh well! They did it just right. To work with it, you must visualize and press physical buttons.

Quantize is always enabled for your sample recording so everything will be on beat when you play it. 

Sequence Sampling on the new Traktor S4

What’s the price of the new Traktor S4 MK3?

The MSRP is USD999 in the USA

For many people the price is very expensive compared to that Pioneer and other brands offer for the same price. The explanation about this high price is right about the German culture of creating durable and perfect products. Like a BMW, this new controller has better components and materials than any competitor in the market. The buttons, screen and connectors feel premium since the first time you use them.

For more information about this product, please visit the official website: