Human Mastering Guaranteed

It's 2023, AI has taken over, they like it, you like it, it's the future but wait a minute, can coding really understand how a crash cymbal must sound perfectly to the ear of an authentic audiophile? Nope, only a human can differentiate these subtle changes to the point of perfection.

It's not our marketing motto, we have compared our mastering to the top AI mastering services out there.

  • HQ Mastering

    Enhance your production with affordable high-quality mastering with top of the line gear

  • Fast Delivery

    Depending on the service you choose, we'll deliver your order ASAP

  • Apple Certified

    We're an official "Apple Digital Masters" provider, not an easy thing to achieve

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  • Amazing Customer Support

    We don't offer 24/7 chat support but wonderful email customer service with the best agent you might already know: Marc

  • Human Mastering

    We're one of the few remaining mastering houses applying human talent into your creations, since day one

  • Secure Payment

    We work with PayPal, 2CheckOut, Shopify and more reliable companies to collect your payment

Quick FAQ

What is mastering?

It is the art of enhancing and correcting the sound of a final production by an artist, producer, musician, hit maker, person in order to make it almost perfect to the ear, at least for most people's taste.


What is online mastering?

Like mastering but it is NOT required to be in the studio for the mastering session due to the help of the internet. The creator sends their music by online methods. This avoids the need of going to the studio, it saves plenty of time and reduces costs, especially if you're located in Australia, our studio is located in Los Angeles, CA.


What's your mastering gear?

We use software and hardware for mastering, for privacy, we don't reveal the exact items we have in our studio but we can share the brands we work with such as MANLEYAbletonSolid State LogicbeyerdynamicADAM AudioV-ModaAppleWavesiZOTOPEelysia and many more.

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