Pro Track Mastering | The #1 Online Mastering Service
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Online mastering is now an option with us, thanks for trusting our premium service.

Imagine recording an outstanding song for weeks just to get poor mastering in a random studio. Not with us. This is Pro Track Mastering. Certified mastering house by Apple, Inc. We support Apple Digital Masters.


the #1 online mastering service

Loud. LOUD. LOUDER. But with dynamics and no distortion. This is possible due to our high-end analog and digital equipment in our amazing mastering studio. A very loud master with ZERO distortion is possible when you use the proper equipment.
Piano and classical music need delicate mastering, we know how to do it.
We use Manley Labs gear to get crystal clear sound, their products are top of the line for music mastering.

Mastering can really define the concept of your music. You can be a big producer but you can fail if your music doesn’t get the proper mastering treatment. When mastering is mind-blowing you’ll notice a chain of success which involves: a happy label, happy fans and career growth. GUARANTEED! 

At Pro Track Mastering our goal is not to make money like crazy with a normal or poor service. We aim to a world-class mastering service, we won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied with the delivered work and that’s why we’re the only mastering house offering unlimited revisions. 

Professional mastering has defined the career of tons of artists in so many ways: from getting the thumbs up of the label to rocking the stage with a smiling crowd.

If you need reverb or delay for your acoustic guitar projects, just let us know. We do offer audio mixing services that can add effects, not only mixing.
What if your music can sound as good as the music from your favorite artists? This is possible, with us, Pro Track Mastering.
GOLD mastering. At an affordable price. Don't get fooled by our cheap prices, we offer premium online mastering for a third of the price.



Some of the gears and tools we use are made by ADAM Audio, Manley Labs, AKG, MASELEC and more.
We work with the best payment processors in the world for your security. We accept Amazon Pay, MasterCard, VISA and of course: PayPal
If you found us via Google, it's because the big "G" knows, we have excellent reviews from our customers.
Dominate the streaming game with high quality music. Your fans hit the play button like crazy when mastering is gold.
Our mastering is loved by Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal editors.
Pro Track Mastering works with 2019 mastering standards for streaming.

What about LANDR, eMastered, MasteringBOX and other algorithm-based mastering solutions?

Human vs Robot? Haha! Not even in 1000 years, a bot will accurately analyze audio like an expert human being. We don't use algorithms to master your music, everything is manual with us.
We're located in the USA. Our mastering house is in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for trusting us.

apple digital masters provider

Pro Track Mastering has been an official provider for Apple since 2015.

Previously known as Mastered for iTunes (MFiT), recently Apple rebranded it to “Apple Digital Masters

Only certain mastering houses are approved by Apple, we’re in that prestigious list.

MFiT is now Apple Digital Masters, learn more about this change here.