What’s Mastering? Audio Mastering or Music Mastering is the final step in the music journey for any artist or label whose goal is to succeed in these days’ very competitive industry. With mastering, any song’s frequencies can be corrected, enhanced or faded in order for the song to sound better. Also, mastering makes the stereo sound of a track more attractive to the ears. One of the most important things a song can achieve with mastering is loudness, with proper mastering a song can reach higher loudness levels without losing sound quality, this is now a standard for labels and music listeners.

What’s Stereo Mastering? Stereo Mastering is the traditional type of mastering that is applied to a track. It only needs one final unmastered file.

What’s Stem Mastering? Stem Mastering is a premium, more dedicated type of mastering that is applied to each sound in a song independently. The artist provides the stems of the song and different mastering settings are applied to each of these stems. In the end, all files are merged to create a single one which results in a record.

What do you suggest for my project: Stereo Mastering or Stem Mastering? First off, it all depends on your budget because certainly, Stem Mastering is more expensive. If you make music for fun and you’re not signing this music to a label then Stereo Mastering is fair enough. If your budget is higher and you’re signing your music to a respected label then Stem Mastering is your best option. Most of the time Stem Mastering will provide better results however many artists that send HQ, very decent unmastered files and purchase Stereo Mastering have gotten wonderful results, sometimes Stereo Mastering is enough if the track is wonderfully mixed, compressed, EQ and more.


What’s Mixing? Audio Mixing is the process of balancing, tweaking levels and more of the channels/stems in a song in order to create one solid file which sounds equally in terms of volume, impact and balance. Mixing is the thing that makes music loved by our ears, nothing sounds more or less to the ear. With proper audio mixing you can hear each of the instruments or sounds in a song without losing another. A well mixed unmastered song results in a stunning record after decent mastering.

What do you use for mixing? We use analog and digital gear to mix music in our studio, just as we do for mastering. The mix of analog and digital is our key to provide a HQ song to the artist or label.


What’s the price of Stereo Mastering? Price per track is $50 (USD), Mastered for iTunes $100 (USD)

What’s the price of Stem Mastering? Price per track is $100 (USD), Mastered for iTunes $150 (USD)

What’s the price of Audio Mixing? Price for a track with 1-10 channels is $50 (USD), for a track with 11-20 channels is $70 (USD) and for a track with 21-50 channels is $120 (USD)

Do you have a promotional coupon for me? Yes, if you master/mix 3 or more tracks at once. For big projects we always provide insane discounts, just ask.

Do you save my credit card info? Our payment processors are Amazon and, they charge your card, we never have access to that info hence we don’t store anything.

Can I pay with PayPal? When selecting as your payment option, you can pay with Credit Card directly or with your PayPal account.