Mastering is the final step for music before hitting distribution. Many new labels and artists that start working with us almost always ask the same thing: I want it very loud and clear as “X” artist music.

The Truth

Mastering isn’t a miracle.

Reference music is always valuable for any mastering engineer. Getting the new master to the same level of the reference music you’ve provided? Well, maybe it’s impossible, it’s all up to you, and here’s why:

The music from the big artists/labels you love were recorded in amazing studios by professionals with very expensive, Hi-Fi analog and digital gear. This is a crucial step in music production in order to obtain a HQ unmastered file.

So, if you’re an amateur artist recording with cheap to average gear NEVER expect to get a master as powerful and solid as the ones from the big artists you like.

I’m disappointed! Don’t be disappointed, even though we might not get your music to the same level of the reference music you send (loudness, clarity, vibe). We can get your songs very close to it. If your unmastered song is very well produced, mixed then close this page because we’ll certainly reach the level of quality of the reference music, stop worrying.


Some guys out there think that buying expensive items is all to get proper results. The real thing is that in order to get a professional, solid unmastered song you need a mix of some things, for example, expert knowledge in music production and audio mixing. What’s the point of buying a $10K guitar if you can’t play it?

Final Thoughts

Certainly, we can reach the level of mastering quality of the reference music you send to us but first you must reach the same quality of the unmastered file those artists produced.

This involves:

  • Recording with premium analog and digital equipment
  • Producing, editing and post-producing the music in a professional level (Your unmastered song must sound as clear as the master you love from “X” artist without being mastered, difficult right?)
  • The whole song must be mixed nicely, a balanced mix is a must.

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