Pro Track Mastering | Stem Mastering
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Stem Mastering

$150.00 $100.00

Change the quantity according to the amount of tracks you want to master.

Click “DESCRIPTION” to learn more about this service.

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Use this service if you want us to master each section of your track differently, especially if you think is well mixed but each instrument or vocal needs a different mastering treatment. You need to send different stems, one stem could have some channels. For example:

Stem 1: vocals, piano, guitars

Stem 2: drums, other percussion

Stem 3: hi hats, crashes, other related sounds

Stem 4: synths, pads, other related sounds

We master each stem differently, then we merge all of them to create a solid well mastered track.

Questions about this service? Contact us.




We do accept:

  • .wav 24 bit 44.1 kHz (or better)
  • .aiff 24 bit 44.1 kHz (or better)

We do not accept:

  • .mp3 files (even though it is 320 Kbps)
  • any other compressed file format