Stem Mastering (Apple Digital Masters)




Delivery time for this service: 3-5 business days per song (To know exact delivery times for 2 or more songs with this service, please contact us)

Change the quantity according to the amount of tracks you want to master.

The real deal! Stem Mastering + Apple Digital Masters WAVE file. This is the formula that big artists/labels use.

Submit our special Apple Digital Masters WAVE file to iTunes. Submit the traditional 16 bit wav to other stores.

We send a 24 bit master for better quality but all stores except iTunes require 16 bit files (almost every store will convert your 24 bit master to 16 bit automatically, if you need a particular bitrate or bit depth, just ask) For iTunes (Apple Digital Masters) the WAVE file is 24 bit.

Pro Track Mastering, LLC. is an official Apple Digital Masters provider by Apple.

Use this service if you want us to master each stem of your song differently, especially if you think your song is well mixed but each stem needs different mastering treatment. You need to send all stems of your song, they must have the same length, you can merge several channels into one stem. For example:

Stem 1: vocals, piano, guitars

Stem 2: drums, other percussion

Stem 3: hi hats, crashes, other related sounds

Stem 4: synths, pads, other related sounds

In summary the engineer will master each stem differently, after that he will merge all of the mastered stems to create the final master.

Questions about this service? Contact us.


  • .wav 24 bit 44.1 kHz (or better)
  • .aiff 24 bit 44.1 kHz (or better)


  • .mp3 files (even though it is 320 Kbps)
  • any other compressed file format